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Superb Services for Less

Peace of mind is within reach when you choose us. We offer first-rate pest control services at affordable rates. Together with our university-trained owner, we will help you get rid of the critters that make your home, apartment complex, or business a less ideal place to be in.

Keep Your Property Safe

Pests like flies, cockroaches and scorpions make your property risky, especially for your children. Keep your child safe from the injuries and ailments these unwanted creatures bring. Call us today for pest control services. We give senior discounts.

Put the Chemicals Down

Resorting to using poisonous chemicals may be attractive, especially if pests have been infesting your residential or commercial property for a long time. However, these substances may not guarantee anything as pests may come back again after a certain period. For pest control methods that yield positive results, hire the experts from our company. Dial (913) 660-6828 for more details.


Trusted in Mole Control

Let the beauty of your well-manicured garden last by keeping it away from moles and other pests. If you need professional help in mole control, call Pest & Landscape Solutions LLC in Kansas City, KS. Our pest control company has been around for over three years. The owner/operator has over 19 years of industry experience. He holds a degree in BS Agronomy and Pest Management and has worked with some of the biggest pest control businesses in the country.

We Are Honest

Whether it is a rodent, a bird, or a small animal that needs to be driven away from your home or business, rest assured that we can help. When you call us for help, we will check your property to figure out what really causes the trouble. This way, we can offer you the right pest control service. We are an honest company, and we do not pitch for work that is not needed.

Protect Your Property 

As a premiere pest control company, we understand how serious you are about keeping your property clean and free of vermin. We also know how frustrating it is to wake up to a messy backyard that has been destroyed by moles and rodents. End your problem with our pest control solutions. Dial (913) 660-6828 for more information.

Animal Control Professionals

Make the most of the lawn care services you will pay for. Choose the professional animal control services offered by Pest & Landscape Solutions LLC. We are a well-known pest management company in Kansas City, KS. Call us so we can start setting traps for that ground hog or raccoon that destroys your beautiful lawn.