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General Pest - Trapping - Moles - Weeds

Pest & Landscape Solutions, LLC  is licensed in Kansas and Missouri serving the KC Metro area.  In addition to expert mole control, P&L Solutions can provide exceptional service for other pest needs for your home, apartment complex, or business:

       Ants, Cockroaches, Fleas, Bed Bugs, Spiders, Wasps, Hornets, Carpenter Bees, Silverfish, Crickets, Rats, Mice, Voles, Flour Moths, Flies, Weevils, Clothes Moths, Carpet Beetles, Brown Recluse, Box Elder Bugs, Asian Lady Bugs, Millipedes, Sow-bugs, Earwigs, Carpenter Ants, Drain Flies, Gnats, Beetles, Spring-tails, Clover Mites, Scorpions...

The owner of Pest & Landscape Solutions LLC  has worked for the largest pest companies in the country and will provide you the best treatment possible for less.  University trained in pest management, Owner is highly skilled at solving any pest problem - quickly and efficiently.  No guess work.  Do not settle for "old school" methods that do not get results.  Call for a free estimate.

      Moles?  P & L Solutions has unique experience and tools for quick mole control.  Several years of trapping has shown that a combination of bait plus traps provides best results.   15% OFF if adjacent neighbor's property treated at the same time.

Gophers?  The professional position of Pest & Landscape Solutions, LLC is to declare that we have never seen gopher activity in the Kansas City area.  This feedback comes from the owner of the company who did gopher control in California for ten years and who has observed pest activity in Kansas City for over a decade.  Do not waste money on "poison peanuts" or sonic noise devices. Image by
"Serving Jesus through serving others"
Expertise -  Over 22 years experience in rodent, bird, and small animal control and a multitude of residential, commercial, and agricultural pest problems.  Highly knowledgeable in entomology and can accurately identify and solve any pest problem.

Education - B.S. in Agronomy (Plant & Soil Science)  with minor in Pest Management from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA

Integrity - No sales pitches for work that does not need to be done.  In a word, honest.

Service -  We try hard to please every customer, and we respect your property as if it were our own.  Flexible scheduling.  Evening / Weekend appointments available.


"If you want good service, and expertise contact John.  He'll go over the problems, and find a solution in a timely and fitting manor.  Call the 'mole master' today."                                                     -- Hal and Ruth M., Kansas City, KS

"John, an expert in his field, has done a great job in controlling the moles in our yard.  His cost is very reasonable in regards to his quality service."     -- Rich in K.C., KS

"...When I saw such a difference, no activity, I referred him to others. He still checks on the yard for activity due to the fact that our neighbors have moles and when he sees activity and treats it he will let me know..."   --Lonnie & Grace, K.C., KS

"After wasting many dollars on poisons, castor oil and mole vibrators, it was as though I just pissed the moles off. I hired John and have only seen mole activity one time. He came back, made an application and checking weekly. We are still not seeing activity."  -- Mr. & Mrs. Burrell

"My back yard was loaded with mole activity. It appears they are gone. John is checking weekly until
December. I am more than pleased." -- Mary in KC
Fall Update:  Asian Lady Bugs, Box elder Bugs, and Cluster Flies find ways to get into your home in order to spend the winter.  Rodent activity becomes more of an issue as cold weather approaches.  Also, this is the time to get you house sprayed to help eliminate spiders and knock down spider webs.
Trapping service includes:  Ground Hogs, Skunks, Opossum, Raccoons.
Successful rat control requires a thorough understanding of rat behavior. 
  • Mole Control - KS, MO
  • Gopher Control - CA
  • Lawn Seeding, Fertilizer, Herbicide & Fungicide Applications - KS, MO
  • Tree / shrub / flower / bulb planting - KS, MO, NV, CA
  • General Pest Control - KS,MO, NV, CA (Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Prisons, Schools, Restaurants, Hotels, Banks, Food Storage Facilities, Churches, Day Care, Retreat / Conference Centers, Apartment Complexes, Museum)
  • Tree injections for elm leaf beetle - NV
  • Herbicide applications on alfalfa - NV
  • Pre / Post Emergent Herbicide Applications - NV (Large lots, Rights-of-way, Water Reclamation Plants, Fallon Naval Air Station).
  • Tamarisk (Salt Cedar) control - Stillwater Wildlife Refuge, NV
  • Black Fly (Buffalo Gnat) Control on 50 miles of the Carson River,,Central Lyon Co, NV
  • Headed Mosquito Abatement / Vector Control, Central Lyon Co., NV (Cities, County, State Parks, Ranches, Farms, Fish & Wildlife)
  • Termite Inspector - NV
  • Small animal trapping, rodent, gophers, ground squirrels, birds.-CA, NV  (City Parks, Cemeteries, School Districts, Golf Courses, Residential, Industrial Parks, Home Owners Associations, New Construction prep)
  • Headed 10 acre pumpkin patch fund raiser 2 years.
  • College Internship w/ crop consultant, Steve West, Monte Vista, CO (potatoes, alfalfa). Assisted in herbicide research work for Ciba Geigy.  Also enjoyed some great fishing trips!
  • College Internship - Sayler American, Tulare, CA
  • Closed Mixer Operator for Calarco, Corcoran, CA
  • President of Agronomy Club - 2 years, Cal Poly, Pomona